In the mood to hear Axel or Ozzie while drinking a martini? Meet Kinky Mink, Denver ’s only 80’s hairband metal lounge group. Sly, swanky and sultry, imagine Jessica Rabbit meets Motley Crew. Local nightclub favorites, vocalist Nancy Stohlman, pianist Nick Busheff, and percussionist Rory Reagan are classically trained and award-winning artists, musicians and composers, who have rearranged, recomposed, and re-envisioned heavy metal for the jazz scene, paying homage to the original while keeping it “kinky.” Featuring: Nancy Stohlman, vocals; Nick Busheff, piano/keys; Rory Reagan, percussion.

“The result is a show that combines the elegance of lounge with the sing-along prowess of ’80s metal!”
Robin Edwards, The Westword

Painting “Kinky Mink” by Eric Matelski